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    Develop the managerial skills to build effective remote teams and strengthen your global leadership impact with practical team building techniques and remote management solutions. Gain direct access to a leading virtual team thought leader and cross-cultural coach to guide your journey:

  • Meet YAEL IN PERSON, business solutions and VIRTUAL TEAM BUILDING CONSULTING expert and author of A MANAGER'S GUIDE To VIRTUAL TEAMS, to see how to transform your fragmented department into a higher performing collective, leading both local and global teams to business success.

  • Explore STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS to access cutting edge tools that address your team's needs and directly impact your clients.

  • Journey down the VIRTUAL TEAM ROADMAP for valuable how-to insights on effective 'human connection' strategies to better organize remotely managed project teams.

  • Read business cases and client TESTIMONIALS that support Yael Zofi's business impact.

  • Visit our STORE and LIBRARY for global tools and resources that make your virtual teams more effective, your project team members more communicative and your team support efforts even more impactful.

  • Stay competitive in the global marketplace with the support of a leading virtual teams strategist today by setting your Complementary 15-MINUTE COACHING CALL to discover the best virtual management tools for leading your team to success.

  • With 25+ years of management consulting and business coaching experience, Yael Zofi has kept on the forefront as the leading virtual teams authority figure - turning cross-cultural challenges into strengths and remote team stumbling blocks into solutions. Providing clients quality one-on-one support and innovative consulting solutions are her top priorities.

Your Virtual Team Blog

How to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Meaningful from a CEO’s Perspective

10 people. 5 countries. 4 time zones. Some might say this is a recipe for disastrous meetings. In many cases, that may be accurate. A team setup like ours presents various challenges, including communication, relationship building, and conducting team meetings. This is especially important for us because our business is productive meetings. At Meeteor, we’ve created a software that facilitates the creation of a thoughtful meeting agenda, capturing clear meeting notes, and managing effective follow-through. Our coaching and skill-building ...
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Engaging Activities Help Virtual Teams Collaborate A New Book by Yael Zofi, AIM Strategies® CEO

"A fantastic compliment to A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams. Filled with information and engaging activities, this is sure to become a go-to resource for any virtual manager." --Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder & CEO, Meeteor Yael Zofi knows that a connected team will always operate, commit, coordinate and conduct business more effectively. In THE VIRTUAL TEAMS ACTIVITY GUIDE, she reveals how virtual teams separated by time and space, can still enjoy success. This book provides a blueprint to ...
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8 Tips for Virtual Performance Management

Volume 16 • Issue 4 Welcome to AIM® Virtual Team Building eNews! With the holiday season sneaking up, end of the year employee performance evaluations are not far behind. Year-end provides the opportunity to take stock of how well goals were met for the current business cycle, and to set new objectives going forward. According to research conducted by RW3, makers of Culture Wizard, 85% of employees are now part of at least one virtual team, and 73% believe that ...
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10 Strategies for Virtual Meetings That Win

With the increasing challenges of global competition and shifting market demands, virtual teams are finding it essential to effectively manage meetings anywhere and anytime. Fast-changing technology has provided project managers with tools to facilitate constant communication. Whether it is Skype or other conference technologies over mobile devices, it is well accepted that conducting meetings now transcends geographic boundaries. However, conducting virtual meetings among any number of colleagues who are physically separated, working remotely and representing multiple agendas and ...
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Cross-Cultural Outlook From a Virtual Team Member in Israel

Volume 16 • Issue 3 WELCOME to our e-Newsletter on our Cross-Cultural Perspective From a Virtual Team Member in Israel! Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and author of 'A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams,' Yael Zofi, recently traveled to Israel to investigate the business climate and see how virtual teams were being run in the Middle East. When asked her about her impressions and experience, she discovered that the cross-cultural adventure and working as a virtual ...
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Part II: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Being a Virtual Member

For those of you who liked and were interested in our recent blog about the challenges of being a Virtual Team member - while in Israel, here is the continuation. Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and author of 'A Manager's Guide to Virtual Teams,' Yael Zofi, recently traveled to Israel to investigate the cross-cultural business climate and see how virtual teams were being run in the Middle East. INTERVIEW Q3. Interviewer: “How was your experience ...
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