AIM® Celebrates A Milestone – 18 Years in Business

Communication and team building

AIM Strategies® human capital consulting services firm specializing in virtual team management and cross cultural leadership proudly celebrates our 18th year in business!

Why celebrate 18 years in business, you ask?

In Hebrew 18 is also the symbol for life (Chai), and multiples of 18 symbolically mean the gift of “life” or luck. It also means passion, maturity, and a turning point.

AIM® grew from my passion for helping global leaders and their virtual teams across cultures stay competitive in the worldwide market.

Technology and globalization have accelerated change in ways it was impossible to predict 18 years ago. Armed with the knowledge gained through thousands of client engagements and over 10,000 active global business contacts, I have delivered measurable success strategies for global executives and their virtual teams with cross cultural coaching programs and self learning books.

And now we have reached a turning point as we look forward to an exciting year ahead:

a. Getting ready to reveal a new Virtual Team Trust Audit for clients that will revolutionize how teams build trust and accountability in the workplace.

b. Launching a series of virtual team Live Online (LOL) webinar sessions later this year utilizing our new sound-proof audio recording room.

c. Delivering new cutting edge consulting solutions and practical business management tools based on my four business management books, with a greater focus on ‘A Managers Guide to Virtual Teams’ to take your learning to the next level.

d. Providing advisory solutions and assessments such as our popular Team SetupTM (TSU) Tool and People Management AssessmentTM (PMA)

e. Offering the latest learning solutions, making your virtual teams more effective.

f. We will be accepting new clients for Executive Coaching starting in April.

Be sure to check for delivery updates and latest news. As always, stay in touch via LinkedIn and social media.

From all at AIM Strategies® business solutions and virtual team advisory consulting team, it’s been a pleasure bringing you the latest in virtual team coaching and we wish you continued results and business success.

Thank you for making our virtual teams consulting practice successful.

Here’s to another 18 – To Life!!!!

Yael Zofi

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