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How to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Meaningful from a CEO’s Perspective

10 people. 5 countries. 4 time zones. Some might say this is a recipe for disastrous meetings. In many cases, that may be accurate. A team setup like ours presents various challenges, including communication, relationship building, and conducting team meetings.

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Engaging Activities Help Virtual Teams Collaborate A New Book by Yael Zofi, AIM Strategies® CEO

“A fantastic compliment to A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams. Filled with information and engaging activities, this is sure to become a go-to resource for any virtual manager.” –Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder & CEO, Meeteor Yael Zofi knows that a

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8 Tips for Virtual Performance Management

Volume 16 • Issue 4 Welcome to AIM® Virtual Team Building eNews! With the holiday season sneaking up, end of the year employee performance evaluations are not far behind. Year-end provides the opportunity to take stock of how well goals

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10 Strategies for Virtual Meetings That Win

With the increasing challenges of global competition and shifting market demands, virtual teams are finding it essential to effectively manage meetings anywhere and anytime. Fast-changing technology has provided project managers with tools to facilitate constant communication. Whether it is Skype

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Cross-Cultural Outlook From a Virtual Team Member in Israel

Volume 16 • Issue 3 WELCOME to our e-Newsletter on our Cross-Cultural Perspective From a Virtual Team Member in Israel! Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and author of ‘A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,’ Yael Zofi,

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Part II: Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Being a Virtual Member

For those of you who liked and were interested in our recent blog about the challenges of being a Virtual Team member – while in Israel, here is the continuation. Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and

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Part I: Virtual Team Expert Becomes the Virtual Team Member

Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and author of ‘A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,’ Yael Zofi, recently traveled to Israel to investigate the business climate and see how virtual teams were being run in the Middle

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AIM® Celebrates A Milestone – 18 Years in Business

AIM Strategies® human capital consulting services firm specializing in virtual team management and cross cultural leadership proudly celebrates our 18th year in business! Why celebrate 18 years in business, you ask? In Hebrew 18 is also the symbol for life

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Building Your Cross Cultural Competence by Decoding the Indian Nod

Volume 16 · Issue 1 Decoding the Indian Nod! Cross Cultural Competence with High- and Low-Context Cultures Learn to decode the ‘Indian Nod’ in this issue of our eNews and get tips for building your cross cultural communications blog posts. In

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The Secret to Communication and Team Building in Virtual Teams

Communication and team building in virtual teams can be challenging, particularly while working on short term projects with people from different cultures around the world. Clinton Dix, Ed. D. describes his interpretation and team building strategies in his guest post

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