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In her four business management books, human capital management expert Yael Zofi puts her 20+ years of experience in business strategy management to use, laying out a practical roadmap for the modern virtual team. AIM Strategies® CEO Yael Zofi has consulted for major corporations and small businesses alike. She has lectured at huge universities and in small classes. She’s spoken with CEOs, managers and employees at all levels of the workforce. The depth and breadth of her experience in the changing business climate is reflected in her four books.

In A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams, Zofi breaks down the essentials for building and sustaining a strong digital team. The book lays out her proprietary Wheel of TrustTM model – a confidence-building system that enables team members and their managers to learn to build trust in each other even without the luxury of frequent face-to-face interaction. The book provides case studies, self-study exercises and activities that can help teams develop and excel.

In Communicating Through a Global Lens, Zofi addresses the unique challenges of working with a community that is both virtual and cross cultural. The booklet includes exercises to test your skills at communicating with individuals from a variety of cultures as well as strategies to build and expand upon those skills.

In TOPS Managing Up, Zofi shows employees how to build better relationships with their managers – a critical tool for anyone looking to thrive in the work world – virtual or traditional. The book helps employees understand the four most common managing up TOPS styles and how to develop useful strategies for dealing with each of them.

In Work Your Network, Yael helps break down the sometimes confusing and intimidating world of networking so that anyone – even people who think they “can’t network” — can learn how to create meaningful connections that impact their life and career.

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Always leading and learning about global communication trends, thought leader, author and communication expert Yael Zofi is the author of countless articles, numerous leadership and team report findings, many training guides, and four business management books, highlighted by her essential A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams.

Zofi frequently writes blog posts on her Virtual Teams Guide Blog and regularly contributes to other blogs, LinkedIn Groups, management forums and social commentary sites. Her passion and relentless determination is to answer business’s most pressing communication challenges in our fast-changing and globally connected era.

“This book is a gem. Each chapter gives you real life tips and immediate changes you can make to have a smooth running virtual team. How to set up a solid foundation is explained both in theory and in practical terms. The stories and quotes from virtual team leaders around the world really bring the message home. For someone new to the virtual team world, or a seasoned professional – you will gain confidence in how to be a strong virtual team player and/or how to manage effectively.”

International Learning School Director Commenting on A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams.

 “A must-see video for those managing virtual teams.”

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