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Yael Zofi’s business news articles provide a great sampling of the team and leadership expertise she’s developed over a long career in human capital resource management. A former VP of Performance Management, Leadership and Organizational Development at J.P. Morgan and a consultant at Accenture and PriceWaterhouse, Ms. Zofi has also lectured at professional and academic institutions and worked with NYU’s Marketing and Management Institute. Her extensive experience and research in both traditional and virtual team management has given her a unique perspective on the changing business world.

How do you manage a team whose members are rarely in the same room, let alone the same time zone? How do you manage your business relationships with clients and suppliers you’ve never met in person, only communicated with digitally or over the phone? And how do you keep the communication open and productive with both groups when you’re juggling the day-to-day responsibilities of running your company simultaneously? The challenges of thriving in a virtual, cross-cultural business world are myriad and new ones keep popping up. Yael Zofi’s work seeks to break down these challenges into manageable, attainable goals. Her work, as outlined in the articles linked below, provides a clear strategy for successful communication for any business, whether the company is a startup or a veteran of its industry.

Yael’s writing is “…an indispensable source of the best information for forming, managing and continuing the effectiveness of virtual work teams.”

-Blog Business World review of “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams”

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Favorite Business News Articles

Yael Zofi has written countless articles on management topics relevant to modern day business leaders. Her series of business news articles run the gamut from the ins and outs of building and managing a remote team to the challenges of working in a cross-cultural, global economy. The articles draw on the strategies she has developed in her books and lectures. Check out ‘Bringing Reality to Your Virtual Team‘ and the ‘5 Secrets to Managing a Virtual Team‘ to get started. Then move on to ‘Keeping Your Team Connected on Your Virtual Journey,’ a guest blog Yael wrote for CNBC. Then work your way through everything from ‘Conflict in Remote Teams’ to ‘Running Effective Virtual Meetings’ to ‘Future of Virtual Leadership & Agent of Connection.’

“Yael Zofi covers every aspect of virtual teams so clearly, concisely and comprehensively.”
– Jeff Bennett, co-founder of Desktop Anywhere, in a review of “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams”

Below you will find a sampling of some of Yael Zofi’s recent articles.