Business Reports

Yael Zofi’s in-depth and insightful business reports and research papers are a part of her and her team’s continuing efforts to both expand their knowledge base and share their findings with the business community. Having her finger on the pulse of the business community, Yael engages in research, surveys, and studies to observe the ever-changing landscape of the global business environment and the communication techniques and skills needed to be effective in it.

These reports are a comprehensive view of the state of communication in the vast and virtual business landscape, addressing the activities and trends, both positive and negative that are being experienced by business today. They are a gateway into the benefits that Yael’s experience and expertise can help your company improve communications and collaboration across employees, increasing productivity.

Within this context, Yael’s AIM team developed a unique Global LeadershipTM (GL) Suite, a program to help leaders align their skills with the increasingly rigorous demands of the business world. The GL suite consists of: an introductory self-assessment instrument, a global leader or team assessment with a 360-feedback option, a playbook action planning guide, several facilitation and training modules, the GL team launch packet, and an executive training package.

Business News Reports

The business reports and papers below are the latest in a line of white papers and reports that Yael and her team have published. These reports highlight Yael’s comprehensive understating of the subject matter as well as her and her team’s commitment to continually assessing the current dynamic environment of virtual team management and global business communications. Look around and explore.

These reports will enlighten you as to how critical, clear and effective communication, especially across various locations, cultures and time zones, are the key to the success of your team and the profitability of your organization. View Yael’s white paper on the role of 21C leader as the ‘Agent of Connection’ or read her latest Virtual Team Trends Report.

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