Business Simulations

Your team can never have enough preparation, and with business simulations, they will experience and learn how to be equipped to succeed in the virtual world. Most business simulations are used in conjunction with various training and learning development efforts to enhance communication, decision making, problem solving, teamwork and leadership.When you think of effective teams, often you think of military and sports teams as typical examples of people working together as a well-oiled machine. This is not a coincidence; this is trained. One of the most effective ways to develop these critical skills is through simulations. Yael’s business simulations, team interactions, games, exchanges and connections provide interactive educational exercises that allow teams to practice behaviors and principles in an engaging way. Players learn that they must understand and reconcile differences if they want to function effectively in a cross-cultural group.

The old adage practice makes perfect. Like a musician who plays their instrument over and over until muscle memory takes over, your team’s communication skills are like muscle, and with practice can be honed and improved. After participants engage in the simulated business interaction, there will be small and large group discussions of the implications of the simulation. Participants will examine how they cope with ambiguous situations and identify alternative leadership and management techniques.

Having your teams participate in business simulations lets them exercise and build their communication and teamwork skills. Simulations are the perfect practice grounds to improve – so that when it counts, deadlines are met, profit goals are achieved, and your team is prepared for the challenges ahead.

Business Simulations, Team Interactions, Games, Exchanges, Connections

“These simulations are useful, especially regarding the time aspect.

It is hard to get away from the office to attend a class…

The team interaction (series of short team sessions) provided the same useful information in 2-hours which you would take away from an 8-hour class.”


Vice President, Financial Services




Yael Zofi, along with her colleagues at AIM Strategies® offers several true-to-life simulations that enhance team building, learning and leadership. Through these hands-on experiences, participants are better positioned to focus on key business objectives and strengthen their team identity.

Popular Business Simulations:

  • Global Leadership Maze: Explore 7 Global Leadership Dimensions essential for today’s dispersed work environment.
  • Great Human Interactions: Obtain your human connection passport to drive the global superhighway via a series of learning events (can be done virtually).
  • Global Driver’s License: Obtain your passport to drive the global superhighway via a series of learning events (can be done virtually).
  • NetLinking!™: Promote knowledge sharing and problem solving.
  • Follow the Networking Road: Compete around best networking strategies.
  • The Elephant Game: Engage in team collaborations around organizational challenges.
  • Feed-Back To Feed-Forward Game: Interactive board game for managers having difficult conversations.
  • Cart-O-Cation™: Jigsaw puzzle-based team problem solving.
  • The Mobius Twist: Merger Simulation.

Sample Solutions

  • Global Leadership (GL) Assessments
  • Virtual Team Training, Team Building, Offsite Facilitation
  • Team Setup (TSU) Tool
  • Team Webinar Series
  • Team Retention
  • Vendor Management
  • People Management (PMA) Assessment
  • TACT Cross Cultural Coaching
  • Style Assessment: MBTI, DISC, 360 Feedback
  • Peer & Focus Group Surveys
  • Performance Management Training
  • Executive Selection / Assessment
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