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In an increasingly digital workplace, more leaders are managing teams spread around the world working in various capacities and capabilities. The rise of virtual communities brings along new challenges requiring highly adaptive work environments that are ready for twenty-first century business operations.

And so, leaders and teams must navigate the unique challenges faced by the new world of work requiring various types of  virtual, onsite and hybrid – teams to work together even though they are physically apart.

With this evolution, new professional skills are required to drive team performance driven by technology and globalization. As a virtual teams and cross cultural communications expert, Yael helps her audience identify the strategies needed to build and coach virtual teams that work collaboratively and communicate effectively.

Clients hire Yael to provide dynamic business training workshops that engage her audience around current global leadership development and virtual team management topics. Her interactive business management seminars deliver actionable results that have immediate positive impact on how teams communicate, solve problems and deliver results.

 “A must-see video for those managing virtual teams.”

Marketing Communications Strategist | Analyst | Developer

Business Training Seminars, Webinars, Facilitations

“I believe that:

Human connection requires interaction that combines:

effective training
+ good coaching
= successful staff.

When collaborating with clients, I strive to offer strategic solutions that are:

Results – Driven
Science – Based &
Business – Oriented.”

Yael Zofi


In an increasingly digital workplace, more leaders are managing teams spread around the world. With this evolution, new skills are required to drive team performance. Yael helps her audience identify the strategies needed to build successful teams that work collaboratively and communicate effectively.

Yael’s most popular business training workshops are based on her books:

Managing Up


Online Survey

Participant Guide


Cross-Cultural Communications

Online Tool

Participant Guide

Cultural Lens Inventory

Work Your Network

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Participant Guide

Action Plan

Virtual Teams Roadmap

Online Assessment

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Large Capacity Business Workshops / Business Training Seminars/Webinars  Groups of 20 to 100

Yael provides dynamic sessions to engage audiences in discussions about current management topics.  Her interactive seminars deliver results that have an immediate and positive impact on team communication, problem-solving, and work product delivery.

Participants integrate action learning techniques into day-to-day responsibilities to build a performance culture and strengthen the organization.

Intensive Team Facilitations / Business Management Seminars  Teams of up to 18

Yael understands high performing teams require unprecedented levels of communication, accountability, and shared expertise.  To increase team capacity she built her facilitation practice around reenergizing commitment, accelerating growth and attaining excellence.

Emphasizing partnering and collaboration, facilitation sessions focus on complex conditions that define global work environments.

Simulation Activities  Groups of 4-8

Workshops and facilitations incorporate simulation activities involving everything from role playing to card games on a variety of topics that reinforce discussions and solidify key business objectives.

Simulations stimulate learning and strengthen team cohesion.

To learn more about Yael’s availability or for a full listing of business training seminars and business training workshops email Yael.

Sample Topics

  • Team Launch
  • Team Checkup
  • Virtual Team Setup
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • Leading Virtual Meetings
  • Managing Vendors
  • Maximizing Teamwork
  • Bringing Reality To Your Virtual Team
  • Leading a Connected World
  • Context Communication
  • Creating Context Virtually
  • 8 Characteristics of High Performing Teams
  • 4 Ways to Build Trust
  • 5 Tips to Human Connection
  • Working Across Cultures
  • Connect Your Tech Team
  • Coaching Sales Teams
  • Work Your Network
  • Grow Your Network
  • Manage Your Manager
  • Manage Relationships
  • Performance Feedback
  • Performance Discussions