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How to Make Your Virtual Meetings More Meaningful from a CEO’s Perspective

10 people. 5 countries. 4 time zones. Some might say this is a recipe for disastrous meetings. In many cases, that may be accurate. A team setup like ours presents various challenges, including communication, relationship building, and conducting team meetings.

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10 Strategies for Virtual Meetings That Win

With the increasing challenges of global competition and shifting market demands, virtual teams are finding it essential to effectively manage meetings anywhere and anytime. Fast-changing technology has provided project managers with tools to facilitate constant communication. Whether it is Skype

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Conference Call Solutions: Facilitate Now!!!

Yael’s Presentation on Conference Call Solutions At The International Association of Facilitators (IAF) NYC Do you need conference call solutions?  Do you often find yourself having to lead a group of people, perhaps at church or philanthropic events or on a

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Conference Call Solutions for Running Effective Virtual Team Meetings

Conference Call Solutions To Improve Your Next Virtual Meeting Last week I wrote about the webinar I recently ran on conference call solutions, How to Effectively Lead Virtual Team Meetings. Of course we are fortunate to live in an age

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Conference Call Solutions

Volume 11 • Issue 2 Welcome to our e-Newsletter on conference call solutions! To share some exciting news, I am pleased that my book, A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams has been well received and currently has 50+ reviews on Amazon.

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