Engaging Activities Help Virtual Teams Collaborate A New Book by Yael Zofi, AIM Strategies® CEO

“A fantastic compliment to A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams. Filled with information and engaging activities, this is sure to become a go-to resource for any virtual manager.” –Mamie Kanfer Stewart, Founder & CEO, Meeteor

Yael Zofi knows that a connected team will always operate, commit, coordinate and conduct business more effectively. In THE VIRTUAL TEAMS ACTIVITY GUIDE, she reveals how virtual teams separated by time and space, can still enjoy success. This book provides a blueprint to telecommuters, freelancers, vendors and remote virtual members, giving them a radical new way of looking at connecting in today’s working world.

Today, virtual teams are assembled to secure a powerful competitive advantage, with dispersed colleagues of all types, roles and skill-sets, working together-while physically apart to achieve results. This intense web of virtual (and real) relationships requires better team collaboration and greater human connection.

Managing a Virtual Team is not easy considering the built-in challenges for communications. Even the most talented managers need to regularly rethink and retool to attract new talent, and manage teams effectively, yet as little as 33% of leaders receive adequate training to handle issues unique to the virtual environment. Some common challenges are:
• How do I build a strong team with widely dispersed people who’ve never met?
• How do I do this across continents and cultural differences?
• How can I establish trust and accountability?

THE VIRTUAL TEAMS ACTIVITY GUIDE, (AIM Strategies®; November 15, 2016; $18.99 Spiral-Bound) is the perfect companion to ‘A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,’ (AMACOM; August 11, 2011; $27.95 HC/PPB) offers proven best practices through thought-provoking activities designed to help managers and teams better understand and connect with their virtual counterparts. This step-by-step blueprint includes powerful tools to help remote teams connect and build trust without face-to-face interaction. Yael Zofi’s fresh new book provides:
• 8 Characteristics of High Performing Virtual Teams (HPTVs)
• 4 Pillars essential to remote team success
• Virtual Wheel of Trust™ Model
• 7 Global Leadership Dimensions to ensure dynamic leadership
• Roadmap to effectively charter your own Team Setup™

THE VIRTUAL TEAMS ACTIVITY GUIDE is a must for any organization to succeed in the expanded landscape of telecommuters, freelancers, vendors and remote members. It’s practical and easy to read, with real life examples and activities that you can easily incorporate into your own virtual work life to maximize your virtual team’s full potential.

Buy your copy of The Virtual Teams Activity Guide from Amazon today and use it to make your virtual collaborations more effective.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Yael Zofi is the CEO of AIM Strategies® a global management consulting firm focused on virtual teams and leaders across a broad range of industries. She has worked with clients such as AT&T, Chase, General Electric, Metlife, Pfizer, Philips, USDA, Viacom and Nokia. Read more at yaelzofi.com and on the AIM Strategies® blog.

Author:Yael Zofi
Pub. Date:November 15, 2016
Price:$18.99 Spiral-Bound
Posted in Virtual Management