Executive Coach Service

Executive Coach Service is a facilitative one-to-one relationship, mutually designed connection between a professional executive coach and a key contributor who holds a powerful leadership position in the organization. The executive coach service is contracted for the benefit of a client who is accountable for highly complex leadership and business decisions with wide scope of impact on the organization and industry as a whole.

Executive success is not innate, it comes from Executive Coaching. Behind every great winning team and every dominating performance there is always coaching. Some of the greatest sports legends of our time have behind them some of the greatest coaches of our time.

Most people are blind to their weaknesses, they can’t see clearly the small adjustments needed. With coaching, these adjustments can be made and critical skills honed. Good leaders become great leaders and great leaders are able to facilitate the most creative and effective teams, aiding in the company’s performance, profitability and bottom line.

Executive Coach Service Packages and Process

Executive Coaching is a premiere service offering based on Yael’s proprietary methodology called ACT™ (Assess, Coach & Transform). Her approaches provide guidance to executives during pivotal career points to transition leadership, build trust and accountability, handle conflict, and successfully manage deliverables. ACT™ accelerates leadership effectiveness and enhances team results. This proprietary coaching process builds on highly effective methods that assist executives in the international space to succeed in global assignments.

Coaching can be purchased as single or packaged services.

One Session
Includes one of each:


Virtual or 1:1 Coaching and Practical Application Review

Package Service


Four 1:1 Coaching Sessions and Practical Application Review

Recurring Service

Initial Assessment and Review

One Year of Weekly or Monthly Virtual Coaching

From Clarify to Follow-Up, executives work with Yael through phases of the ACT™ Coaching:


Pre-Coaching Clarification and Agreement

  • Coach collects information.
  • Coach explains goals of executive coaching (e.g. bring “blind spots” and/or ineffective behaviors to surface for examination and change).
  • Coach communicates program’s structure and logistics.
  • Parties agree on coaching goals and scope.
  • Data Gathering may include: in-depth interviews, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or other tools such as 360°feedback, Leader Behaviors Survey.
  • Participant creates development plan focused on specific behavioral changes, the means achieve them, and project results.
  • Coach and participants review actionable results.
  • Sessions occur over 3-6 months (higher frequency during the first 3 months).
  • Focus is on refining leadership behavior through various activities (key goals, role-plays, scenarios, and action plans).
  • Coaching includes explorations and real business cases.
  • Coach provides fieldwork assignments designed to reinforce gains made during coaching sessions.
  • Participant and coach design a long-term action plan, emphasizing ways to sustain gains.
  • Review meeting takes place to check progress, share action plan, and discuss implications.
  • Formal sessions conclude as the coach summarizes feedback with all parties.
  • Meeting takes place to check on progress.
  • Coach recaps feedback and discusses results.
  • Coaching experience is accomplished.

Yael also offers cross-cultural communications coaching services. Her methodology, TACT™ (Tune-in, Assess, Coach and Transform) provides the tools to enable positive cross-cultural interactions, influence trust building, and assist international executives in succeeding in global assignments.
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Additional coaching services:

  • High Potential Coaching
  • Group/Team Coaching
  • Leadership Transition Coaching
  • Influence/Trust Building Coaching
  • Cultural Communications Coaching