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Volume 14 • Issue 3

WELCOME to our e-newsletter on how to manage your boss!

This is an exciting time for AIM Strategies®. We have great news to share with you in this edition of AIM News on how to manage your boss. I have been a loyal member of LinkedIn since its inception and I’m rewarded daily with new introductions and welcomed reunions. It truly builds community. And, I fully rely on this community and all of our AIM News subscribers for advice, industry commentary, and treasured updates. So it only makes sense to pay-it-forward. Many of you have encouraged me through the years, generously offering ideas to strengthen my efforts toward coaching executives and organizations build more cohesive virtual teams. I take your suggestions very seriously and implement them whenever possible. Today, this is my way of saying thanks.

In This Issue

Introducing … YAELZOFI.COM

For our loyal clients, dedicated subscribers, LinkedIn community and supportive colleagues, we are announcing the launch of our new branding website We are extremely pleased with the quality, accessibility, relevance, and immediacy of this site. It is filled with resources, insights, and products straight from Yael’s desk. And, we’ve designed it to be informative as well as entertaining.

It’s our way of bringing Yael directly to you. This is a request we’ve often heard from our AIM Strategies® community. Now you can hear from and interact with your virtual teams expert as you choose. Whether it’s through whitepaper, article or report downloads; or direct content on proven techniques, new approaches, or sneak peeks at soon-to-be-released publications, you will have access . In addition, for more direct access to Yael, there are services such as one-to-one coaching sessions. That’s not to say we are finished hearing from you. We recognize there might be areas to improve before it meets all your expectations. Continue to communicate what those expectations are; we will respond.

This site has been part of our vision for the AIM Strategies® enterprise. It is rewarding to see it come to life.

New Site / New Blog

We have always set high standards for our blog content as well.

Invite you to tune in, whether as an active participant or passive observer. We will be introducing a variety of topics to reach the multi-faceted interests of our readership. It’s a “something in it for everyone” design that has our team energized and offers a broader range of industry specific content.

To give you an idea of what we have in the works, here are a few highlights:

Virtual Teams – Virtual Teams is a hot topic for everyone and more relevant now than ever, so we will continue to bring you the latest news, highlights and trends.
Featured Interviews – Interviews with change-makers and visionaries that impress us most.
Tech Talk Tuesdays – We want to know what’s out there, what companies and teams are using, and how you can access it.
Guest Authors – We have a lot of friends and some may surprise you.
Troubleshooting 101 – A new series that combines a case study-like feel with do-it-yourself suggestions full of tips and best practices all in a fast-paced and fun narrative.
Special Reports – Business moves fast and we want to be the source you turn to for insights on current events like how to manage your boss
Newsroom Updates – Information on Yael’s speaking tours, interviews and workshops.

In the meantime, for current virtual team management tips and suggestions, visit our blog.

Managing Up More Popular Than Ever … Wonder Why?

Lately, there has been a resurgence of interest in my second book, TOPS Managing Up, which focuses on how to manage your boss by learning to identify your manager’s style and build stronger upward relationships. The methodology behind the “how to manage your boss “book formulated when I was in the corporate world and needed a way to manage my managers. It then became one of the most popular modules in my workshops and later a book. I’ve always had an inquisitive nature. I enjoy interactions with many companies and listening to my clients. So, I am constantly checking the industry’s pulse. Why am I sensing increased urgency for managing up? Here’s my take on the subject.

Managing up has always been important for career enhancement; but with increased reductions in workforce and management restrictions on staffing and development, knowing how to manage your boss is likely being viewed as a tool for thriving in turbulent times. People are now realizing that career development is their responsibility, and a big challenge is developing a successful relationship with their manager. A good working relationship between you and your manager is like a partnership. It is a triple-win because you, your manager and the organization benefit. When times are rough, stay calm. Whether you are just starting out, a mid-level manager or a senior executive, there will always be someone with whom you need to form an effective working relationship. Developing and maintaining one can ultimately change your working environment to your mutual benefit.

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