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Yael Zofi has been writing and distributing news and media newsletters through her AIM Strategies® business website since 1998. In these latest newsletters Yael can more informally address her readers and subscribers and go beyond some of the big picture issues virtual managers and project team members deal with today.

These eNews (online media newsletters) offer her an opportunity to give back to the readers and share some of that experience. It’s (are) also a great way for readers to catch up on what Yael and the AIM team have been up to in the previous quarter. Current eNews  feature tips and techniques from conferences and workshops that Yael spoke at over the previous months, the courses and seminars that she taught and her blogging or other writing during the period.

In one of Yael’s recent eNews, she discusses how to engage in Virtual Team Building, in tune with the changing seasons. It provides strategies for an effective virtual team REFRESH, including doing a tune-up, refueling and wrapping up, a.k.a. putting it in PARK.

As Yael writes, “Consider the lifeline of a virtual team as you would driving along a highway. Just as you need to shift gears, perform tune-ups and refuel on a long journey, so you must engage in virtual team building from time to time.”

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List of Latest Newsletters

Yael’s company newsletter is distributed several times a year to Yael’s business associates, clients, subscribers and readers of the site. Recent topics have included how to choose your executive coach, how to manage up to your boss, techniques for managing virtual project teams and a conducting leadership assessment surveys.

A selection of Yael’s latest newsletters and links are included below.

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Bringing Reality to Your Virtual Team: Techniques to Set-Up, Follow-Through, and Refresh Virtually'07 Spring