Mid-Life Management Crisis: Leadership Assessment Survey

Find the Leadership Assessment Survey That Works For You

leadership assessment surveyUsing a leadership assessment survey is a great way to help us check-in with ourselves. Managers should periodically do this as well. If you are an avid reader of this blog, you recently learned about a career life event we call the 20/20s. If not, click here to read our last post before continuing with this second half.

The manager in this scenario experienced a moment of doubt before realizing the value they actually bring. However, quick recoveries like this one don’t always occur, creating the need for further intervention. When it comes to evaluating one’s strengths and areas for development there are quality resources to consider. We recommend engaging in an assessment process; whether self or coach-guided, the results can be very revealing. Our recent AIM® eNewsletter provides an overview of leadership assessment survey and offers assistance. In addition, if you are looking for insight in this area, the following tips will help you evaluate options.

Suggestion: Find a leadership assessment survey that addresses your unique circumstance.

High-level Understanding
DiSC® – Are you Dominate, Influential, Conscientious, or Steady? This self-administered assessment will help you identify your personal behavior style. The online tool is fast and easy and provides an instant results report. If you feel you just need minor adjustments to improve working relationships, this tool is ideal to understand how your style can impact others.

More Intense Understanding
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) – This assessment delves deeper into psychological types based on theories developed by Carl Jung in the 1920s. The creators of this personality inventory, Isabel Briggs Myers, and her mother, Katharine Briggs, set out to make these theories more available and relevant to people’s lives. This popular tool explores conclusions drawn from four quadrants of perception. While highly-encouraged to work with a certified administrator, there is an online, self-administered option.

Thorough Understanding
360° Assessments – These leadership assessment tools offer data that measure competencies related to your leadership development focus areas. There are various instruments on the market and often organizations will build their own models. These assessments typically combine input from supervisors, peers and direct reports as well as the individual and commonly report on three skill areas: technical, leadership, and business. AIM® has developed a 360-degree assessment for global leaders and one for those responsible for managing global teams called the People Management Assessment™ (PMA™).

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