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Volume 7 • Issue 1

WELCOME to our e-Newsletter on our global leadership assessment survey!

Globalization has impacted our current business environment and will continue to do so rapidly. This challenge is not daunting to the effective GlobaLeader™ – it provokes innovation. What are the needs of global leaders? How will global leaders align their skills with the increasingly rigorous demands of the global business environment?

AIM Strategies® decided to find out and piloted our GlobaLeader™ (GL) Assessment with a selected group of 50 global leaders from various types of industries and diverse organizations. This e-Newsletter highlights key findings from the Global Leadership Assessment Survey Report.

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In this fast-paced global economy, the quality of your leadership and how well you are able to continually increase your intellectual bandwidth will keep your company’s bottom line ahead of the competition. “Being a global leader is no longer an option – it is a requirement for maintaining a strong and secure place in the global market,” says Yael Zofi, CEO.

As dramatic shifts occur, with far-reaching consequences across the globe, organizations find themselves functioning in one interlocking system, sharing resources, labor markets, and consumers. Think of the world as a system comprised of inputs and outputs across boundaries, which constantly interact with each other in a dynamic process that ultimately creates value. From this perspective, organizations cannot afford to think and act only on a local level.

Within this context, AIM Strategies® developed and piloted a unique GlobaLeader™ Leadership Assessment Survey prior to launching our complete GL Suite, a program to help leaders align their skills with the increasingly rigorous demands of global business. This GL Suite, developed after a decade of researching leadership issues, consists of the self-assessment, which introduces the program, a development guide, training and development modules, and an executive coaching package.

We greatly appreciate the contributions of those that participated in this pilot; their thoughtful responses helped us reach several interesting results and conclusions, which follow. It should foster a healthy conversation about how today’s global leaders and senior business management teams can develop new approaches to tackle their 21st Century leadership challenges.


Key Finding 1: One World, Multiple Languages

There is a positive correlation between the number of languages spoken by global leaders and their GL score. The greatest impact was on Vista-Leadership, the single most difficult GL dimension to master.

leadership assessment survey

Key Finding 2: Balanced GlobaLeader Skillset

The incoming workforce (Ages 20-30) had a lower total global leadership assessment survey score compared to more seasoned peers. Also, compared to older respondents, their scores showed less uniformity between the Seven GL Dimensions. Specifically, younger respondents had higher scores in Diversa, Edu and Innova-Leadership and lower scores in Adapta, Communi and Collabo-Leadership.

leadership assessment survey

Key Finding 3: A Fast Learning Curve

Global Leaders achieve a viable comfort level communicating with direct reports in dispersed locations after being in their position for six months. However, leaders who were in their positions for six months, two years, ten years or more, had remarkably similar levels of confidence when communicating with their remote direct reports.

leadership assessment survey

Key Finding 4: Connecting The Dots

As the number of direct reports increased, leaders scored significantly higher on the Innova-Leadership Dimension.

leadership assessment survey


Effective Leadership propels organizations along a Global Superhighway, with its hairpin turns and blind curves that extend further and further out from core business. Leaders will be at the hub of a wide network of connections that enable him or her to achieve competitive advantages. These effective communicators who can motivate teams to master the intricacies of the ‘new’ will rise to positions of leadership, working across cultures and time zones. The conditions that arise from our global ‘neighborhood’ represent a paradigm shift; not surprisingly, this paradigm shift gives rise to new leadership roles.

Guiding effective organizations will require nimble leaders with the skills, abilities and knowledge to master the ‘new’. Those who are going to be the innovators are going to be the leaders, just as those who are most astute at working across cultures will be successful. This may be a paradigm shift and requires 7 new global leadership roles (or Dimensions, as AIM Strategies® refers to them).

For more information,read the GlobaLeader™ Report and get the complete Global Leadership Assessment Survey pilot results.


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