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Volume 14 • Issue 2

WELCOME to our Newsletter on our leadership assessment survey!

Summer starts with fireworks, a surge of independence, and the Fourth of July, a favorite holiday of mine because it speaks to values I admire. On this day we celebrate a national community as we set aside differences to focus on more connected common goals—pride, gratitude and the right to pursue happiness. In this spirit, I’d like to update you on upcoming items while continuing the discussion on executive coaching and leadership assessment tools.

Wishing you all a terrific summer.

In This Issue

Shout Out to the AMA

leadership assessment surveyAt AIM® we are often remiss in thanking our supporters; the organizations that believe in our mission and provide us with opportunities to share our message. One such organization is the American Management Association (AMA). A longtime supporter of Yael’s work, Amacom (Publishing Division of AMA) not only published “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams”, but has engaged Yael’s educational expertise to teach several courses. Two popular courses, “Successfully Managing People” and “Collaborative Leadership Skills for Managers” are offered in-person or through live online web presentations.

Click here to learn more about other programs available through the AMA, which many of you know is a well-respected institution with many resources for managers and executives to grow critical business skills. Continue to access AIM Digest, eNews and Blog Newsroom for information on course dates and new subjects Yael will teach in the near future.

ACT™ Coaching: Assess the Situation

What does it take for the coach and client to ensure a successful engagement? Some years ago, to help me in my own coaching work, I devised the ACT™ process [comprised of the three phases: Assess, Coach and Transform].

You may recall that the last eNews contained an article on ‘Choosing Your Coach‘. What follows is an explanation of the A in ACT™- How to ‘Assess The Situation’.

The first step in the coaching process is the Leadership Assessment Survey. We can define a leadership assessment survey as a series of evaluations of behaviors and attitudes based on gathering and analyzing data (provided by subject and possibly manager, peers and subordinates). A feedback loop follows, and finally, a development plan is created.


1. Data Gathering may include: in-depth interviews, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) or other Style or Type Tools, 360° Feedback Reviews, Leadership Assessment Survey and various Questionnaires.
2. Participant creates a development plan that includes: (1) specific behavioral changes, (2) the means to achieve them, and (3) specific results.
3. At planned sessions, coach and participant review actionable results.

Just as construction on a building could not begin without a blueprint, it is not possible to create a successful coaching engagement without a well-thought out assessment. The input from all relevant sources to the coaching client is essential to creating the report, which serves as the foundation for the coaching work.

Therefore, my advice is to choose your leadership assessment survey carefully and make sure to balance three different perspectives – individual, team and organization.

Upcoming Events

Join Yael Zofi and the AIM team for our upcoming events. For more information, visit the Blog Newsroom or contact us at 718-832-6767 / 6699.

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AIM Strategies® Applied Innovative Management® is a results-driven Human Capital Consulting firm specializing in the areas of: Global Leadership Development, Co-located and Virtual Team Facilitation, Cross Cultural Communications, and Change Integration Services. To request information about AIM’s experiential learning methods (5D’s™ Consulting/Proprietary Training Methodology and ACT™ Coaching Process), please email In upcoming issues of this newsletter, we’ll update you on tips and techniques related to raising your innovative management IQ. We are confident that the solutions we develop fit your needs and culture. Please forward this newsletter to your colleagues and visit to learn more about how our services unlock the people potential of your organization!

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