Leadership Development Seminars & Presentations

Yael Zofi has facilitated countless virtual team leadership development seminars and team meetings throughout her 25+ year career as a consultant and global team manager. Her business management knowledge and diverse expertise has been sought out by corporations large and small, academic institutions, non-profits, community groups — and numerous individuals looking to sharpen up virtual team leadership skills.

Her seminars and workshops expand on the themes presented in her four books on effective global team management for business team leaders and team members. In her presentations, she focuses on the most effective ways to enable the human connection in the workplace – developing world-class leaders, building effective teams, anticipating and managing conflict in communication and delivering business success through people.

Yael Zofi’s workshops and meetings address one of the biggest hurdles to successful team functioning: the typical lack of clear communication in the virtual and traditional workplace. She discusses how different communication styles can lead to misunderstandings; how the virtual work world functions with a different set of rules for team members than a more traditional environment; and how to unravel the conflicts that tend to build as a result of these differences. She also discusses the importance of anticipating and planning for eventual conflict even before it happens. Her practical, straightforward approach to growth, leadership and management is applicable to a variety of businesses and groups.

“Yael Zofi provides a language for understanding the dynamics of virtual teams and gives insights that demystify the complexities of working across boundaries. Zofi provides practical, workable recommendations that cut through the complexity and make a difference right away.”

– Chris Lubrano, International HR, MetLife, from a review of “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams.”

Leadership Development Seminars & Presentations

Specific topics from recent presentations include: Virtual Teams, Cross Cultural Communications and Global Leadership as well as Networking Skills and Managing Up.

“Even with the quantum leap in the number of virtual work situations, the unique challenge of developing virtual teams has been largely ignored by the field of leadership development. Zofi’s groundbreaking research has created the most comprehensive guide to building high-performing virtual teams that I have seen and establishes Yael Zofi as the foremost authority on virtual teams.”

– Jennifer Eggars, Director, Leadership Development and Organizations effectiveness, NCR, from a review of “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams.”

For questions about availability, topics, presentations that apply to your specific needs, contact Yael directly at: yael@aim-strategies.com or call (718) 832-6767 or 6699.

See a sampling of Yael’s presentations below: