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Your organization has charged you with optimizing the talent in your team. That’s the good news! Now, your leadership mission is to make sure you’re up to that challenging task. A combination of technical skill, business smarts and hard work got you where you are, the business leader depended on by many others. Now the question is – who can you count on to provide ‘people’ guidance in this complex and ever changing environment? Fortunately, Yael Zofi is that resource, and she has developed a wide array of solutions, all fine-tuned after years of research and client feedback, to address the kinds of situations you face.

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Advising Services & Management Consulting Solutions

“Thank you for exposing our team to new tools and keeping us on agenda. I think we’ll be a better management team having shared this experience…That was the BEST offsite I ever attended!”

Managing Director,
Insurance Company

Senior Management Retreat – Fast Growth™


Yael, through her advising services and management consulting solutions, brings a comprehensive understanding of the critical issues faced by executives today – from hyper competition to managing a global workforce. Her products and services are designed with careful attention to the fast-pace and ever-changing business landscape.

A recognized expert in the field, Yael is the resource executives trust when optimizing team talent, transitioning change, and perfecting leadership skills. Working with 75+ organizations, her methodology embraces the unique challenges faced by each and gives her the knowledge base and agility to work with the distinctive issues of your organization.

Yael’s advising process begins with a FREE 15-minute consultation




When you participate in a strategic consultation session with Yael she addresses your people challenges, analyzes potential solutions and then suggests an appropriate suite of tools and services. Embedded in the process from introduction through implementation, she clarifies the core issues and works with you to achieve higher performance, reenergize commitment, accelerate growth and attain excellence.

Depending on level of need discussed, additional members of Yael’s staff may join to run surveys and/or provide intensive team sessions. All this occurs while Yael works alongside senior management to communicate results and advise further action to ensure quality outcomes.

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