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Yael Zofi has been featured in a variety of news media and publications over the years, with a bevy of journalists and academics seeking out her expertise. A go-to resource for all things related to virtual team training and leadership, Zofi has been cited in a number of digital and print publications, including the New York Times, Investors’ Business Daily, Forbes, CIO Digest and Bloomberg.

Her expertise in human capital management has made her an invaluable resource for writers looking to demystify and illuminate the complex workings of the changing digital workforce for a broad business audience.

Zofi has spent the last 20 years developing her strategies for effective leadership and team building. As outlined in her book “A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,” Zofi has unlocked key pathways that lead to overcoming the most persistent roadblocks in management and communication.

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Yael Featured in News Media and Publications

The publication directory that follows includes many of the articles and reviews that mention Yael’s work. Among the highlights: she was cited in a recent Business Insider article about the key factors that unite high-performing virtual teams. The author, Martin Zilling, discussed the eight main characteristics of such teams as outlined in Yael’s work, including the need for team members to have a global mindset, a mechanism for resolving conflict and an easy flow of communication using all forms of technology.

A Harvard Business Review article by Keith Ferrazzi about how to avoid virtual miscommunication highlighted Yael’s strategies on how to fight the illusion of transparency that often leaves far-flung virtual team members out of sync with each other. Among Yael’s solutions: have each team member give a video tour of their office or workspace to share with the others in the group, therefore giving each person a mental image of the other that provides a context for better communication. featured Yael in an article on “10 Tips for Making Your Conference Calls More Productive.”

Among her suggestions: identify the ground rules up front, have ground rules in place at the beginning and maximize the entire group’s output. profiled Yael in a broad-reaching interview that covered her work experience; her strategies for effective leadership; her inspiration for writing her books and for sharing her expertise; and her outlook for the changing global and virtual business world.

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