Strategic Organizational Development

Virtual teams are active social systems, and like any other social system, they can be functional or dysfunctional which calls for strategic organizational development solutions that impact the entire organization. Virtual leadership is ideally expressed through interaction of the entire team, which offers a great opportunity to rethink team management solutions going forward. New and more sophisticated tools and technologies are in the pipeline, ready to be adapted to your team. But it’s up to you and your dispersed team members to use them productively to move business results forward in an enterprise-wide way.

Even if the future of strategic organizational development and enterprise technology is unpredictable, it is clear that virtual teams will be strongly defined by technical possibilities. Regardless of what forms these innovations take, you would be wise to follow the advice of one of Yael’s clients, a Senior Global Director at a major electronics conglomerate:

“Be simple in what you do, understand the limitation of sending a complex ‘mess’ over the ocean, and recognize that people are more alike than you think.”

Want to find out how Yael Zofi and her team of strategic organizational development consultants work with you to customize a team management solutions to improve your enterprise?


  • High Potential Coaching
  • Leadership Transition
  • Group/Team Coaching
  • Cultural Communications
  • TACT™ Style Reflection
  • 360-Assessment
  • Executive Presence
  • Leading Conversations
  • Merger Integration
  • Virtual Team Coaching
  • Virtual Meeting Coaching


Strategic Organizational Development

Strategic Organizational Development

“My passion is about CONNECTION – connecting leaders, teams and individuals with each other and helping them link with the business strategy.

My style is to be accessible, flexible, and devoted to my clients’ success. Each client engagement is designed to raise the organization’s ability to build leadership necessary to achieve superior business performance.”

Yael Zofi

Gain instant access to the problem solving and virtual team insights that have been the hallmark of Yael Zofi’s 25+ year career with Yael as your partner and your guide. Yael’s techniques and principles take on a whole new meaning and provide you with a different action-oriented experience when you team up with her. Get insightful solutions to your most pressing virtual management problems in the moment with Yael by your side, going through your daily challenges with you.

As a consultant, Yael provides coaching and training to your team, strategizing solutions that align with your business.

“Yael is one of those people that loves what she does and it shows in her work. She is an excellent facilitator, out of the box thinker and true problem solver. She always delivers a top quality product. Anyone who needs a consultant on any management and leadership areas should definitely consider Yael and her group AIM Strategies.”

– Program Director, Healthcare Services

“I’ve worked with Yael on several professional development projects and have been very impressed with the quality and creativity of her work. Yael is an expert HR consultant, trainer and coach, with in-depth knowledge of leadership, teambuilding and cross-cultural integration. She always exhibits excellent communication skills, flexibility and dedication to total client satisfaction.”

– CEO & Entrepreneur, Media Company

To find out more, contact Yael through the Contact button or call AIM Strategies® (718) 832-6699.

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