Team Leadership Development

Organizations set up teams to deliver complex results within various constraints. When quicker, smarter, and more flexible work groups are in demand, virtual team leadership development and agile management are the solution. These highly adaptive work communities can extract appropriate resources from the organization and are well suited to apply business operations driven by globalization and technology innovation.

True virtual teamwork requires a deeper level of clarification, communication, commitment, and consequences management than is typically present in teams sharing a location. Teamwork must also become more than a notion; teamwork must require the team to work.

The power of your leadership lies in your hands, as you determine what can meet the needs of your successful business team. With that in mind, get ready to move away from the sidelines of team management and into the game of virtual leadership – where the power is in creating TEAMWORK.

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Approach to Team Leadership Development

Team development leader

“Because these exercises have been used ‘in the trenches’ with real managers, solving real everyday problems, we can easily work together to adapt these solutions to your unique circumstances.”

Yael Zofi

How will Yael’s personalized approach to team dynamics help you and your team conquer the biggest problems you’re facing right now-and in the future? Whether you choose from the available list of training topics or work with Yael to create a completely new topic, Yael will deliver content to your team that will translate to what you do every day.

“Yael was my go-to person to help me deliver team development solutions to fulfill the needs of my internal clients at Pfizer. I chose Yael as my external business partner, because of her leadership style, facilitation abilities and because of the depth and breadth of her line-up of training courses. She is easy to work with and I know that her products and services are always based on the latest research in the field.”

– Director & Global Business Partner, Pharmaceutical Company

“I had the pleasure of getting to know Yael’s work at her workshop ‘Communicating Through a Global Lens.’ She has a great passion for effective communication and cross-cultural issues and their effect on organizational results. I am not surprised that her latest focus is on effective global teams. I can’t wait to learn what successful strategies in managing global teams she will present in her upcoming workshop.”

– Talent management Director, Global IT Organization

For questions about availability, topics, and how to create training that applies to your specific needs, contact or call (718) 832-6699(718) 832-6699.