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Watch Yael Zofi Talk About Virtual Teams Project Management At ODN

Virtual teams project management is becoming more important than ever as many managers struggle with uniting the virtual workforce and managing offshore teams. With constant changes occurring in the global business environment and economy, getting things done in teams is more important than ever. Given all the downsizing and organizational changes, much more is done virtually in teams. Existing teams have been reconfigured, and employees are working with people they hadn’t worked with before. There appears to be greater recognition that the ability to pull teams together and facilitate collaboration is more critical than in the past. The priority will be on building team chemistry and harmony, partnering across boundaries, and focusing on the company’s big picture interests when thinking about virtual teams project management.

So what does this mean for global leaders and management consultants working on virtual teams project management? Clients are refocused on growth and believe that success depends on obtaining and retaining key talent. That should mean a much greater emphasis on team and leadership development as we move ahead.

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Video Transcript:

Trying to find virtual teams is across the street or across the world.

How many of you are working with virtual teams now? And how many of you are consulting, interacting with different virtual teams?

The islander, he called himself: “I’m by myself, I don’t know where my boss is, I don’t know where my team is.” There were some people that if their team did not create or their manager or their unit to not enable that interaction, they kind of felt like they’re lost, I call them the lost riders. They’re riding into the sunset.

These four people they’re all high performers, they’re all really effective at what they do, they all have a great expertise: let’s put them together, here are your team, will do. What do organizations want? Immediate deliverables.

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