What Is Global Leadership? Keep Your Virtual Team Connected

Yael Zofi Answers the Question: What Is Global Leadership? and Provides Tips for Managing Global Teams

what is global leadership

What is global leadership? You can answer that question by asking another… Does it matter where my colleagues are as long as we get deliverables out the door? With technology enabling new paths of communication and data flow it becomes less important where you and your global operations management colleagues sit. By now, most of us know that the pace of change and innovation quickens, and we have to adapt to succeed in our competitive environments. If you are comfortable operating in a global environment, you’re ahead of the game.

So what is global leadership and how can you achieve connection when managing global teams?

By connecting to each other in a way that encourages people to rise above their differences and connect at the human level to achieve results. Successful organizations embed connection and a global approach at every level.

Here is one client’s opinion on global leadership:

“It doesn’t matter whether or not you are a global manager, and it isn’t important if you don’t have a global assignment – you are global.”

Wise words from one of my favorite clients, a virtual team manager for a medical device manufacturer. He understands that today, whether or not you hold a leadership position, you need to practice a set of behaviors I call GlobaLeadership (GL). For more information, see Future of Leadership.

Think of yourself at the hub of a wide network of connections that enables your team to achieve competitive advantage. Since it is virtually impossible for one individual to excel at all dimensions, successful virtual leaders link team members who embody these seven dimensions:

Vista – leadership
envision the future business environment while being grounded, but not stuck, in the present
Innova – leadership
seek new ways to achieve competitive advantage by drawing on and expanding resources
Adapta- leadership
move in any direction at any time in any situation
Diversa – leadership
understand people’s cultural differences and leverage those differences as business strengths
Communi – leadership
foster open channels of communication and debate in every direction
Collabo – leadership
believe that people accomplish great things through collaborating with other talented people.
Edu- leadership
develop your best talent, with appropriate activities that enhance the individual and the organization.

We hope this post helps answer the question what is global leadership? For more information about the 7 Dimensions of Global Leadership, see a video where Yael discusses Future Leadership Trends on the ‘Global Resources Hub,’ ‘Future Trends’ section of her website.

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