Work Your Network Series

Yael Zofi offers a range of products and solutions designed to effectively improve global leadership capabilities. Explore the range of products offered for effectively assessing, developing, and implementing these tools.

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Work Your Network Coaching

Improve your relationship networking skills and enhance professional growth with one-on-one personalized coaching. Each coaching session (conducted virtually or in person) is based on Yael’s proprietary ACT™ methodology, a powerful approach which drives effective outcomes. Together you and Yael will explore the 5 steps to effectively network in the workplace.

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Networking Style Online Survey

A questionnaire and personalized report identifying your unique networking style and your approach to dealing with other styles.

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Work Your Network Presentations

Presentations include webinars and keynote addresses on networking for professional growth based on Yael’s popular book, Work Your Network. Hear and learn expert Yael Zofi discuss 5 networking steps, 4 networking styles and 3 strategies for adapting your approach to others and build stronger relationships.

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Work Your Network Workshop

Networking is essential for identifying opportunities and career growth. Yael offers a comprehensive 1-day workshop for establishing your personal brand and building effective networking behaviors. Sessions cover the 5 steps for networking in greater detail: (1) Know Who You Are, (2) Create Your USP, (3) Consider Your Contacts, (4) Develop Networking Behaviors That Work, and (5) Develop Your Networking Plan.

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Grow Your Network Workshop

Growing your network can help uncover professional opportunities. Yael offers a comprehensive 1-day workshop for growing your network and making impactful business connections. Focus incorporates mapping and expanding your Circle of Influence via interactive activities and action-learning scenarios.