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Virtual Teams Project Management Myth or Reality? Virtual Teams Can Function Best If Left Alone

Welcome to the final installment of the Five Myths and Realities of Virtual Teams Project Management. This week we explore Myth #5. Virtual Teams Project Management Myth #5: Virtual teams can be left alone and will function appropriately. Reality: Virtual

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The Indian Curry to Cross Cultural Communication

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by cross cultural communication issues with customers, vendors, acquaintances, and colleagues in India or of Indian descent? Yes, there is widespread English fluency in India. But is that enough, especially if your interactions are

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Virtual Team Building

Volume 15 • Issue 1 Welcome to Virtual Team Building eNews! For many colleagues across the globe it’s refreshing to step outside and see leafy trees where not long ago snow and ice covered the ground. Nature’s cycle of seasons

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Building a Virtual Team One Step at a Time

 For Virtual Teams Both Large and Small I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, ‘What do I need to do to ensure I’m building a virtual team the best way to set us up for success?‘ I know that when some colleagues

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Managing Virtual Project Teams

What happens when a key point of contact or link within your virtual team quits? Managing virtual project teams in stressful times is comparatively more challenging than leading an onsite team. Being geographically scattered means there is no face time

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Cultural Diversity Training for Working Across Cultures Part 2

Another Cultural Diversity Training That Works This week’s post continues with another cultural diversity training for improving your intercultural communications and cross cultural interactions at work. If you are already a virtual manager, you probably may have faced similar issues and

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E-Newsletter Template

Volume 14 · Issue 2 · Summer 2014 Happy Summer! Summer starts with fireworks, a surge of independence, and the Fourth of July, a favorite holiday of mine because it speaks to values I admire. On this day we celebrate a national

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Virtual Teams Project Management Focus On Teamwork

Virtual Teams Project Management Focus On Teamwork

Watch Yael Zofi Talk About Virtual Teams Project Management At ODN Virtual teams project management is becoming more important than ever as many managers struggle with uniting the virtual workforce and managing offshore teams. With constant changes occurring in the

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Team Building Strategies For Managing Virtual Teams Webinar

Webinar On Team Building Strategies Featuring Expert Yael Zofi Check out this webinar on team building strategies for the virtual project team featuring author, consultant and virtual management expert, Yael Zofi. Yael’s Highlights For Team Building Strategies From The Webinar: 

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Mid-Life Management Crisis: Leadership Assessment Survey

Find the Leadership Assessment Survey That Works For You Using a leadership assessment survey is a great way to help us check-in with ourselves. Managers should periodically do this as well. If you are an avid reader of this blog,

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