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Yael Zofi’s business news videos provide a roadmap for succeeding in the world of virtual team management is essential information for anyone looking to thrive in the new business economy. These 21+ videos lay out a clear, direct path from development to delivery that sets your virtual team up for success, using the strategies that Yael has tested and developed over the last 20 years.

Learning how to evolve from a more traditional managerial role to one that encompasses the unique challenges of the growing digital workforce can rattle even the most experienced leaders. Similarly, employees accustomed to more traditional workplace environments can feel adrift in the new virtual work world. The clients themselves often struggle to build trust and communication with their virtual suppliers. Yael’s approach to navigating this complex new environment helps managers, team members and clients find common ground.

Watch in these business news videos as Yael breaks down the essentials of her business management strategy: how to setup, follow-through and refresh your virtual team during the crucial development stage; how to anticipate and diffuse most conflict and communication mishaps — both within the team and between the team and your clients and customers — before these miscommunications happen; how to overcome any additional communication roadblocks that pop up along the way; and how to get the goods to the people who want them, getting your deliverables out the door faster and better.

Yael’s strategies will help you build trust within your team and between your team and the larger business community, foster cross-cultural communication and grow your business at a pace to keep up with the expanding economy.

Yael’s work is essential “…for anyone who works virtually or interacts with others who work virtually. And these days, that seems to be just about everyone.” – CIO Digest

“Yael Zofi draws on her experience of consulting with many virtual teams and their managers to provide everything one would need to know to set up and successfully manage a virtual team.”

– Robert Seldon, senior HR manager, The International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland and Professor at the Australian Graduate School of Management in Sydney.

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Yael’s Business News Videos

The extensive library of business news videos includes over 20 short features that highlight Yael’s ideas and strategies surrounding the building and development of virtual teams, the challenges of cross-cultural communication, the keys to mastering remote team management and effective global leadership. The videos expand on the ideas outlined in her four books, her lectures and her teachings, giving a comprehensive view of her approach to virtual team management. Click on the video images to view the individual clips.