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Yael Zofi’s Presentation on Building Relationships at Work

Building Relationships at Work: Strengthen Your Brand During Tough Times

In this 90 minute presentation, Yael Zofi, AIM’s CEO will share some secrets from her booklet: Work Your Network: Making Impactful Business Connections.  This booklet on building relationships at work results from the many management development programs Ms. Zofi has created and conducted for various types of organizations.

Check out this video below for a preview of Yael’s presentation on building relationships at work:

Here is a Brief Description:
We’ve all heard the advice that networking is an essential skill to master in this ever changing global business environment. Making impactful connections is important, but in order to really excel at networking, a successful relationship marketing plan is crucial. This plan should incorporate a strategy for developing a strong personal brand – an individual’s distinct identity as a member of a larger organization. The ‘brand’ defines a person’s reputation, strengths and predispositions. Yet, with the economy’s current state and job security on everyone’s mind, people often lose sight of the importance of making impactful connections and end up trying to blend in, rather than stand out from the crowd. How can you make sure you are visible in the right networks? What are you currently doing, if anything, to bolster your personal and professional brand image? Will you be prepared to take advantage of the opportunities when the economy improves?

In today’s complex business landscape, individuals must actively engage in relationship branding efforts – transforming their own self perception and skill sets from Performance-Focused to Relationship-Focused. This workshop helps you to achieve this with practical tips.

Topics to be discussed include: how to identify your networking style and those of others, how to use this awareness to develop strategic alliances with other professionals, and how to create powerful, mutually beneficial coalitions that will help you to accomplish your personal and professional goals.

Video Transcript:

The rest of you guys you were just like “Let it go, we’re fine”.  They’re like “We need something to do right now”, that’s audacious networkers for you. They have a powerful aura about them. They’re motivated by bottom lines.

Audacious, remember they’re task orientated. They’re energetic. They have a powerful aura. They may be impatient sometimes. They think you don’t move fast enough. They love to be more direct; they appreciate directness. They’re good at getting results.

What do you think are areas for development for audacious networkers?

They get the point out quickly. Right, they like directness, to be more direct.

Patience, especially for other styles, other networking styles out there that are not as fast as you, you might drive right over them.

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