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Volume 8 • Issue 1

WELCOME to our E-News business networking article with another business networking tip for you.

Like many organizations, we are mindful that our global neighborhood is navigating work place relationships through tough times. As professionals, the best response is to take a ‘deep breath’, and renew our focus on delivering value around core strengths.

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Networking During Challenging Times


One activity that lends itself to opening new paths is networking. AIM devoted newsletters and published a booklet, Work Your Network, on this important business – and life – skill. Networking helps to maintain a positive momentum, even though appropriate professional opportunities may not arise. A business networking tip is that you need to put yourself in the most advantageous position possible, and that means methodically reaching out to the ‘right’ contacts, or networking. Networking both inside and outside your organization is critical, as is keeping informed about our global neighborhood.

Here are four business networking tips that we believe can help you network:

1) Stay Informed

Information is power.  Know what is happening by reading about local, national and overseas events.  You never know when a piece of information will lead to a new initiative, a new idea or a new contact.  You want to be in a position to seize an opportunity that may come along, and make it work for you. Keep abreast of knowledge and trends in your area of expertise so that you have specialized knowledge to offer others in exchange for theirs and improve work place relationships. This is a great time to attend industry conferences and to take a workshop (or complete a self-study course) to sharpen your skills.

2) Stay In Tune

Now is the time to keep ears and eyes open during your workday to keep well-informed about what is happening in your company. What strengths does your organization have compared with the competition? Where are its weaknesses? Such knowledge allows you to offer your own skills in ways that may transcend your current responsibilities. By communicating with others across the company with whom you had little, if any, contact, you may create an opportunity to transfer to an area of growth. Lastly, stay in tune with yourself. Don’t get overwhelmed by negativity, whether it’s in your personal sphere of friends and family, or beyond. Do whatever you need to do to stay balanced.

3) Stay In Touch

Networking is a great way to keep your options open. These days, social networks have sprouted up across the web, and vastly increase your ability to communicate (if only virtually!) with a variety of people. Staying in touch is a way to learn about events and ideas that matter to you, and to share information and expertise with others. You never know when someone with whom you have a virtual or face-to-face connection can pay off. One business networking tip is to become a viable member of a community of your choice, by joining a professional organization or attending a meeting in your field at least once a month. The idea is not just to soak up information; have something of value to say or contribute. Pick an area that is in demand and become knowledgeable. Share that knowledge with colleagues and other individuals who value it to improve your work place relationships.

Consider joining LinkedIn, at the very least, it’s an easy way to inform many people of your plans, explore potential initiatives and link with others who share similar interests. Don’t be afraid to pursue distant contacts or to reestablish a relationship with an unmaintained contact. You never know – the person you reach out to may be as interested in communicating with you as you are with them.

4) Stay On Track

Be disciplined. Make a plan and stick to it. This will keep you in a positive frame of mind and resilient in difficult times that all too easily can sap one’s strength. Decide what activities you need to participate in each week, each month, or any other time frame that you choose.

The most important business networking tip is to stay focused, stay positive and seek mutually beneficial opportunities across a wide variety of networks.

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