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For your convenience and viewing pleasure, we are including our news and social media timeline highlighting key achievements and important connection points along Yael and her company, AIM Strategies®, Applied Innovative Management® Strategies, virtual team and global leadership path.Yael Zofi’s professional passion has been to grow leaders and teams, and she has been incredibly generous in sharing her professional expertise and executive coaching support.

So… if you have the question, you’ll find Yael’s helpful answers in our comprehensive array of helpful articles, books, videos, presentations and media resources.

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News and Social Media Timeline

Please explore Yael and AIM Strategies® interactive social media timeline and latest updates. Navigate using the left and right arrows to see some of the highlights and accomplishments of Yael and her team.

Through this interactive social media timeline, you can discover Yael Zofi’s professional highlights throughout the years. Yael’s passion and drive has enabled her to become an industry knowledge leader in global communications and virtual teams. Her career has afforded her the opportunity to work with hundreds of companies, government agencies and educational institutions across the globe, from small and mid-sized companies ambitious to grow to Fortune-100 companies looking to improve their productivity with world class communication techniques and training. Yael has been a guest speaker at international conferences and media events, including being a part of knowledge leader panels and professional development forums. Yael’s research and business books have been purchased and used worldwide by companies and their managers looking for an edge over the competition.