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8 Tips for Virtual Performance Management

Volume 16 • Issue 4 Welcome to AIM® Virtual Team Building eNews! With the holiday season sneaking up, end of the year employee performance evaluations are not far behind. Year-end provides the opportunity to take stock of how well goals

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Cross-Cultural Outlook From a Virtual Team Member in Israel

Volume 16 • Issue 3 WELCOME to our e-Newsletter on our Cross-Cultural Perspective From a Virtual Team Member in Israel! Internationally known, New York City based virtual teams expert and author of ‘A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams,’ Yael Zofi,

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Building Your Cross Cultural Competence by Decoding the Indian Nod

Volume 16 · Issue 1 Decoding the Indian Nod! Cross Cultural Competence with High- and Low-Context Cultures Learn to decode the ‘Indian Nod’ in this issue of our eNews and get tips for building your cross cultural communications blog posts. In

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Virtual Team Building

Volume 15 • Issue 1 Welcome to Virtual Team Building eNews! For many colleagues across the globe it’s refreshing to step outside and see leafy trees where not long ago snow and ice covered the ground. Nature’s cycle of seasons

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ACT® Leadership Assessment Survey

Volume 14 • Issue 2 WELCOME to our Newsletter on our leadership assessment survey! Summer starts with fireworks, a surge of independence, and the Fourth of July, a favorite holiday of mine because it speaks to values I admire. On

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Choose Your Executive Coach Service

Volume 14 • Issue 1 Welcome to the Newsletter on finding the right executive coach service! At AIM® we’re sensing an upswing in executive coach service requests, greater interest in global operations management facilitation engagements. Let’s hope it continues! In

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How To Manage Your Boss

Volume 14 • Issue 3 WELCOME to our e-newsletter on how to manage your boss! This is an exciting time for AIM Strategies®. We have great news to share with you in this edition of AIM News on how to

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Leadership Styles In Management

Volume 13 • Issue 2 WELCOME to our eNews on the leadership styles in management! To share the latest updates, my recent presentation at the IMA (International Association of Financial and Business Professionals) featured my book TOPS™ Managing Up: How

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Managing Virtual Project Teams

Volume 12 • Issue 1 WELCOME to our e-Newsletter on managing virtual project teams! It has been a busy year for the AIM team with many ongoing projects and tools around virtual teams and improving the virtual business office based

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Excerpts from AIM’s Virtual Teams Trends Report

Volume 9 · Issue 2 WELCOME to our e-newsletter. As many of you know, I have completed my latest book, A Manager’s Guide to Virtual Teams. In preparation for this book, we analyzed data from interviews we conducted with 150+ virtual team

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