Cross Cultural Communications Series

Yael Zofi offers a range of products and solutions designed to effectively improve global leadership capabilities. Explore the range of products offered for effectively assessing, developing, and implementing these tools.

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TACT™ Cross Cultural Coaching

Diagnose your cultural IQ and enhance your global awareness through proven techniques and personalized coaching sessions. Easy to understand and implement, the process utilizes Yael’s proprietary TACT™ (Tune-in, Assess, Coach and Transform) cross-cultural communications model. Equally effective when used in team settings.

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Cultural Lens Inventory Tool

Online self-assessment tool that delves into the four critical areas of AIM/Yael Zofi’s model for cultural understanding: Awareness, Adaptation, Interaction, and Integration. A five-point scale allows users to easily navigate through survey questions and move quickly to results. Effective for team-building or personal development.

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Cultural Communications Presentation

Hear from leading cross cultural communications expert Yael Zofi. Learn best practices for overcoming the 4 critical virtual elements: Creating Context Communication, Establishing Trust and Accountability, Conducting Virtual Mediation and Getting Deliverables Out the Door, with a special focus on cross cultural interactions and the project manager’s role in serving the needs of virtual and globally diverse workforce.

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Cultural Communications Case Studies

Learn best practices for engaging your diverse workforce via scenarios that focus on the challenges in the virtual world. Used as a stand-alone toolkit or combined with another service, these concisely written, easy to read, and portable composite of case studies, explore Yael’s most relevant in-field experience. Educators and managers in need of quality cross-culture examples will appreciate this resource.

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Diversity Deck Card Game Simulation

A learning-based card game activity centered on what Yael Zofi calls the 5 Cross Cultural Clusters (Mindset, Persona, Orientation, Structure, and Process) that commonly exist in most multi-cultural work environments. Teams gain insights and participate in worthwhile interactions through this low-stress fun approach.