Managing Up Series

Yael Zofi offers a range of products and solutions designed to effectively manage up. Explore the range of products offered for effectively assessing, developing, and implementing these tools.

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TOPS™ Executive Coaching Services

Take control of your career with Yael Zofi’s exclusive one-on-one managing up coaching services. TOPS™ Coaching helps you assess and understand your supervisor’s work style, and presents a strategy for managing this critical working relationship. All coaching is based on Yael’s proprietary TOPS™ Model and ACT™ coaching methodology, a powerful approach with proven results.

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TOPS™ Online Survey & Questionnaire

An online questionnaire designed to a help you understand the similarities and differences between you and your manager’s work styles and behaviors. The TOPS™ Survey includes a strategy for managing your career.

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TOPS™ Workshop Facilitation

Based on TOPS™ Managing Up, this interactive two-hour facilitation is adapted for small groups and executive teams. Participants learn how to assess their supervisor’s work style, adapt to improve their professional relationships, and proactively manage their careers.

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TOPS™ Managing Up Presentation

TOPS™ presentations include webinars and keynote addresses on Managing Up. Hear from leading expert Yael Zofi on this important topic and gain techniques for improving your working relationship with your supervisor and growing your career.