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Spurred by the rise of technology and globalization, there is a new face to the workforce – Virtual Teams. They are no longer a phenomenon...they are here to stay. Today people routinely work on projects with colleagues who do not work in the same building, the same city, or even the same country. Virtual teams are reshaping the way we do business. But how to create and manage these teams is a skill that many managers have not yet been trained for. How do business leaders and managers establish rapport with employees across continents and cultural differences? Can a strong team be built from widely dispersed people who’ve never met one another? How do leaders and managers keep track of what everybody is doing and when? AIM will help you answer these questions in our Managing Virtual Teams Blog.

This blog is brought to you by AIM Strategies®, a Human Capital Consulting Firm focused on bringing reality to virtual teams. Our CEO, Yael Zofi is a Virtual Teams Expert, Cross Cultural Coach & International Speaker. She, along with colleagues, will share innovative management techniques that link five human connection challenges: managing virtual teams, working across cultures, developing global leaders, working your network and managing up.

Through encouragement from clients and colleagues, Yael designed an accessible and immediate site rich with content on her more than 20 years of experience as an HR professional, researcher and consultant. In this blog, you will hear more about AIM’s work with managing virtual teams and the leaders and managers entrusted to guide them. Yael will rely heavily on the new site to provide this detail to you. New content will also be announced and shared through AIM’s social media venues including this blog and the AIM Strategies® Newsletter, so you can stay up-to-date on managing virtual teams via your preferred information source.

We invite you to tune in, whether as an active participant or passive observer―just make sure you tune in. We will be introducing a variety of topics to reach the multi-faceted interests of our readership. It's a "something in it for everyone" design that has our team energized and offers a broader range of industry specific content below. Enjoy exploring the ever-evolving world of managing virtual teams!

AIM® Celebrates A Milestone – 18 Years in Business

AIM Strategies® human capital consulting services firm specializing in virtual team management and cross cultural leadership proudly celebrates our 18th year in business! Why celebrate 18 years in business, you ask? In Hebrew 18 is also the symbol for life

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Building Your Cross Cultural Competence by Decoding the Indian Nod

Volume 16 · Issue 1 Decoding the Indian Nod! Cross Cultural Competence with High- and Low-Context Cultures Learn to decode the ‘Indian Nod’ in this issue of our eNews and get tips for building your cross cultural communications blog posts. In

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The Secret to Communication and Team Building in Virtual Teams

Communication and team building in virtual teams can be challenging, particularly while working on short term projects with people from different cultures around the world. Clinton Dix, Ed. D. describes his interpretation and team building strategies in his guest post

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Virtual Teams Project Management Myth or Reality? Virtual Teams Can Function Best If Left Alone

Welcome to the final installment of the Five Myths and Realities of Virtual Teams Project Management. This week we explore Myth #5. Virtual Teams Project Management Myth #5: Virtual teams can be left alone and will function appropriately. Reality: Virtual

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The Indian Curry to Cross Cultural Communication

Have you ever found yourself puzzled by cross cultural communication issues with customers, vendors, acquaintances, and colleagues in India or of Indian descent? Yes, there is widespread English fluency in India. But is that enough, especially if your interactions are

Posted in Intercultural Business Communication

Virtual Team Building

Volume 15 • Issue 1 Welcome to Virtual Team Building eNews! For many colleagues across the globe it’s refreshing to step outside and see leafy trees where not long ago snow and ice covered the ground. Nature’s cycle of seasons

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Building a Virtual Team One Step at a Time

 For Virtual Teams Both Large and Small I’m sure you’ve asked yourself, ‘What do I need to do to ensure I’m building a virtual team the best way to set us up for success?‘ I know that when some colleagues

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